Our campsite

Rain days? No worries!


Many drills and other fun activities can be done indoors in case we were to experience heavy rainfall.  If field conditions become too wet or if any thunder/lightning were to occur, numerous activities will be prepared in advanced to keep the day running smoothly. 

The Field of Dreams


Our ball diamond was built in 2010 and began with the installation of the backstop.  Our field features a home run fence that stands 200ft from home plate.  There is a players bench as well as bleachers for fans.  A scoreboard and flag pole were recently added in left field.  A portable artificial mound (can be removed for fastball) was constructed for pitching.  The most recent addition is our infield that was added in the spring of 2019.



If you have your own equipment, plan to bring things such as a glove, helmet, cleats, etc.  If your child is new to ball we would be more than happy to supply them with anything they may need.  We have buckets of both baseballs and softballs.  Catchers gear will also be available.  

Plenty more to do on the farm!


We will go on short hikes on the trails on the farm that go back to the bush. We will take the kids for a wagon ride pulled by our tractor for a fun, safe experience.  Campers will have the opportunity to spend time in the barns and meet different animals around the farm if they are comfortable doing so.  

Friday Fires


On Fridays we plan to cook hot dogs and marshmallows over the campfire.  We will also barbecue hamburgers and provide other nutritious snacks to make a great lunch for the kids.

Water, Water, Water


We will have lots of water to refill their drink containers each day.  We will also have  a slip and slide to teach sliding and keep cool on hot days.